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About Kim...                                                           Email Kim ~ Or call: 832-942-8324

Born in 1962, on March Air Force Base, Riverside, CA...

I am among the last of the baby boom generation & have entered into my 5th decade (that means I am over 50!)
YES, I am really that old!! I am an Aquarian, born in the Chinese year of the Tiger. That combination fits me well!
I am an "Army Brat" California girl, raised across
              the whole USA ~ from sea to shining sea.

                         I was once likened to a "Tiger being held by the Tail."
                                        I like that ! THAT is definitely ME!
I am the mother of four lovely people: three sons (Aaron, Joel & David), and one daughter (Sarah). Sarah & David were caught by midwives;
Sarah was born in a birth suite and David was born at home.

My first grand baby, Eleanor Sariah, was born into my hands in the Spring of 2015, bringing great joy to my heart!
I am living life to the fullest with my partner (also named David) and I am excited about our newest endeavor 
as we've relocated to Houston, TX where I am contracted with the West Houston Birth Center.
I am excited to serve the birth center community in the of the metro-Houston, TX area. I am looking forward to meeting & getting to know you!

Kim Lane, CPM, LM

As a Midwife's Apprentice & Assistant, under the supervision of my mentor Midwives, I learned the art & skills of home birth midwifery over 5 years.

As the home-schooling mother of three, and then pregnant with my fourth child during my training, my apprenticeship involved significant personal & family sacrifice. My strict commitment & dedication included self-study, hands-on experience during prenatal clinic, home visits, childbirth education classes, home & water births, and postpartum and well woman visits. All told, the number of hours committed to my training exceeded 8000 hours, didactic & clinical.

September 1996, I completed the didactic portion of my training and went on to complete the NARM clinical requirements as a Primary Midwife under Supervision. I completed that criteria in April 1998, and proceeded to document my training and experience using the NARM Portfolio Evaluation Process (PEP) to apply as a NARM CPM Candidate.

In February 1999, I sat for the NARM Exam and then completed the Clinical Skills Exam in April. In May 1999, I earned the NARM CPM credential. I became partners with my mentor midwife, Margie McSweeney in her midwifery practice, which she later "gifted" to me when she relocated her family to Boulder, CO.

That same year, the TN Midwifery Practice Act was signed into law. A year of regulatory process later, the CPM-TN application for licensure was made available. I was licensed by the state of TN in 2000, among the first midwives in TN to carry a state license. In that same year, I was appointed by the Governor of TN to sit on the Council of Certified Professional Midwifery, serving 2 terms.

In July 2008, after attending 304 births in Memphis, TN, I decided to move my practice to Richmond, VA. My need to be closer to my family and my desire to serve more women prompted my decision. The collective birth community of the greater- Richmond area positively responded to my inquiries. It was not long before my phone & email, "lit up like the fourth of July!" Thus a new chapter in my bio had begun! In the Autumn of 2012, I moved to Charlottesville, VA to begin a new adventure at The Birth Center of Charlottesville, as a staff midwife!

In January 2015, I relocated to Lehi, UT to care for my daughter through her pregnancy and help her with her new baby. In October 2015, I was offered a staff midwife position with the West Houston Birth Center in Houston, TX. Excited to get busy with catching babies, we relocated to Texas in December 2015.

I am Licensed Midwife in Texas: LM # 
99254 (Kimberley R. Lane)

I am certified in
Healthcare Provider
  • BEST (Birth Emergency Skills Training),
  • Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and
  • Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP)

I am a member of:
  • Association of Texas Midwives (ATM)
  • American Pregnancy Association (APA)
  • Midwives' Alliance of North America (MANA)
  • National Association of Certified Professional Midwives (NACPM)
  • North American Registry of Midwives (NARM)
  • Coalition for the Improvement of Maternity Services (CIMS)

My Lovelies... My Family


   I am the mother of four grown children,
                                                                whom I lovingly refer to as my "Fab Four"

  • Aaron, age 32
  • Joel, age 28
  • Sarah, age 27
  • David, age 21
The births of these wonderful people had significant and powerful influences over my decision to become a midwife
and to my path to midwifery and holistic health care. My nest
is empty... so I am coping without my "babies" as best I can! My daughter brought a baby girl into my world in 2015, so becoming a grandmother was the highlight of that year! Eleanor Sariah is my first grand baby!

I am sharing my life with a gentle, loving and supportive partner, whose name is David, too! He provides me with solace from each busy or chaotic day.

He honors my uniqueness, spirit,      My GrandBaby, Ella
independence, and zest for life.              
He helps me with the day-to-day 
responsibilities of home, family, 
    Me & my man, David    and personal management.
My FurBabies ~ Daisy Mae & Puddy Tuddy (P.T.)

Daisy Mae, Basset Hound

Puddy Tuddy, Tabby Cat

What Clients Have to Say...

     "You just cannot get any better than Kim and her apprentices! Her team made my home birth experience exceptional! I felt so confident, cared for and prepared! She provided top quality prenatal care, spending at least an hour with me unless I needed to leave sooner! Where else will you find that level of dedication! My husband and I will be forever grateful to you all! Thank you for supporting us and our baby! Love you guys!!" – Stephanie

Stephanie with her daughter, Rowan, and Kim

     "All of my concerns and questions were addressed with knowledge and care. Kim was available any time I called, no matter what. I also received great postnatal care and breastfeeding help. My husband and I loved the home birth experience and will definitely use Kim's services again." ~ Kate

Kate S.

Kiera W.

Kim was exceptionally professional and a sincere friend during my fourth pregnancy. I had only experienced midwives in the hospital-setting before meeting her. I was overwhelmed by the love, commitment, and genuineness of her practice. Kim will be the first one I call, after the "Plus Sign," should we decide on a fifth!

I can't say enough about her and her companionship - she really took the time to listen to me and answer ALL of my questions and concerns...

6 day old Jackson

Kim set me at ease, made me feel wonderful about our decision to work with her and enjoy the birthing experience with her!

Her knowledge and experience was a blessing, considering the minor complication we experienced - she handled them (and me) with a gentle, loving demeanor and stayed until I was comfortable and snuggling my ten-pound, healthy, perfect baby boy!   ~ Kiera

What Clients Have to Say...

     "There are not enough GOOD things I can say about Kim... [she is] caring, dedicated, helpful, knowledgeable, and dependable. And I am difficult when pregnant, to say the least. Anything I needed, I could ask for. I could call [her] day or night and speak to [her] immediately. I have never had a medical doctor of any sort that was that available for me. I never once doubted that I had the best care possible, from testing, to getting information I needed, ordering supplies, making payments, you name it. I wish I had had [Kim] for the birth of my son, who was born in a hospital. His birth was good, for a hospital, medical doctor assisted birth, but the difference between my birth experience with him and my birth experience with my daughter was vast.

Portia P. and her family

Being able to give birth at home, with a birth pool, my mom, partner and best friend with me was exactly as birthing should be. Home Birth Midwifery Service gave me the best birth experience I could have hoped for, and exceeded my expectations of birthing. These women will support you in any way you need and give you the best birthing experience you could have!"


   "Kim was my midwife for my daughter's birth in 2005. I couldn't not have asked for more thorough medical care from Kim. Coming from traditional OB care, I found my midwife to be attentive, nurturing & intuitive.
        My pregnancy and birth were treated with dignity, respect, an
d professionalism. I have found, over the years of knowing, receiving care from, and assisting Kim, that her expertise in midwifery is undoubtable. She is truly an exceptional midwife, with skills that bridge ancient knowledge and modern medicine."                                                        

~ Corinne                                                                                          Corinne J.

     "A mere "thank you" does not adequately convey my sincere gratitude & appreciation for my wonderful home birth team. The level of care, respect & wisdom that my midwife, Kim [Lane] CPM with her apprentice, brought to my pregnancy & delivery, is beyond compare.

Melissa & Michael S. and their new daughter

With these amazing women by my side, Michael & I were able to fulfill a dream, bringing our new baby girl into this world in the privacy, comfort & calm of our own home! Birth at home may be an ancient concept, but I truly believe it is the way of the future. Our experience is one that we will cherish for a lifetime! Thank you!"   ~ Melissa

Melanie P.
"Kim was my midwife for the births of my son in 2006 and daughter in 2008. As a so-called "older" first time mother, yet someone who is very educated and aware of what I wanted for myself and my children, it was just obvious that Kim offered me the experience, confidence, and supportive care I needed.

     Although friends and family doubted my home-birth decision, Kim helped me to first trust her, then trust myself, my body and the process of birth. Ultimately, both of my children were brought into this world in a way that empowered me and jump-started my inner voice of motherhood. Although many friends have commented on my courage in choosing a midwife, I truly can't imagine having a baby and not being in my own home with Kim.

      The greatest transformation occurred during the very rapid and extremely relaxed, delivery of my second baby when my husband commented, "Wow, that was really cool.  I didn't know it could be like that."
 To bring him around to an understanding of what midwifery offers over the medical model is testimony to Kim's support and skill.  Kim will always hold a very special place in my heart, for what she taught me about me." 
Melanie                                                             Melanie, Kim & Baby Alex     

Kim's Note:
Melanie is the author of Uncovering Truffles: The Scarcity and Value of Women in STEM, (Chapter 5, A New But Ancient Feminine Mythology, is what Melanie describes as an, "Ode to My Midwife" in which she writes about her experience with being cared for and empowered by her midwife, ME!)

"Kim actually delivered my last 3 babies.   (Kim: Um... I "CAUGHT" them!)

     How did I learn about Kim? Well, when we moved to Memphis in '99, I was already about 6 months pregnant. My choices for midwives in the area were actually very limited. I knew that I did not want to deliver at a hospital. Home Birth Midwifery Service was the only service that I could find in the area. I am so grateful that they were here and that they took me as a client being so far along in my pregnancy.
     Did she met or exceed my expectations?  I would say the she exceeded them. Otherwise she would not have been my midwife for the birth of my other two children.
    What I can tell you about Kim? She takes the time to get to know her clients. Her visits are NOT, you show up, check urine, check baby and see you next month. I believe she really tries to get to know her clients. Birth is such an intimate experience and your midwife will be taking part in that. She will be very respectful of any needs and wants that you might have.

     I hardly remember Kim being in the room during labor. She was not intrusive and she let me labor the way that I needed to.
Only offering suggestions from time to time. I felt free to take the suggestion or not. 
     She was always right there if I needed her.  She just seemed to blend into our environment. Kim is sweet, kind, loving, gentle, knowledgeable and she is really good at what she does. I felt very safe delivering at home because of her experience and knowledge. I believe safety is her number one concern. I have so many good things to say about her that I could not possibly put them into words!
I can not imagine having any more babies without her!  Colette                                                                                          Colette F.

     "After my very first OB appointment, at a doctor’s office, at 7 weeks of pregnancy, I knew there was no way I could endure another visit there. It was horrible, impersonal, and left with me with a feeling of dread. I left and went to a book store to research alternatives. After looking at a ton of books, I found one that talked about natural childbirth and homebirths. I knew this was what I wanted to do even before meeting any midwife. After telling my husband I wanted to do a homebirth, he thought my hormones were so out of whack and that I had lost my mind.

          Casandra M.

     After the first meeting with Kim, his mind was completely changed. I was amazed how she assured him that having a homebirth was something I could do and that if something didn’t go as planned she was well prepared and equipped to handle it. She answered all of his questions and she knew what she was talking about, and at that first meeting, After this interview with Kim, my husband had total confidence in her training and medical abilities. The homebirth was a GO! My prenatal, birth, & postnatal experience with Kim and Home Birth Midwifery Service was so wonderful, I did it TWICE!
     My first meeting with Kim was in 2001 and I still feel very connected to her. Kim is a great midwife that I trust completely. The prenatal care I received was the absolute best and is one great reason to use Kim and Home Birth Midwifery Service. At each appointment you get one full hour devoted to your health, the health of your baby and any pregnancy and/or personal issues you are having. I felt comfortable at each appointment and I never felt rushed.

      During my second pregnancy, my son came with me to every appointment and he felt comfortable too. I loved that I was able to have him with me. Kim stays up to date with the latest research and information & is really passionate about homebirth, prenatal care and postnatal care for mom & baby and natural approaches to women’s health issues.

     During the birth of my first son, she kept me focused and in this world when all I wanted to do was close my eyes and escape what I was going through. My second homebirth happened so fast that I felt like I was in a whirlwind & out of control. Kim calmed me down and helped me through each strong contraction. Postnatal care was done with love and admiration and praise for the job I had done. I am so proud of the choice I made to do a homebirth & so proud of my midwife, Kim."   

             Monica O.

     How do you write a review for a service that changes your life? Before becoming an official client, I felt the space to ask as many questions as I wanted as I inquired about the Home Birth Midwifery Service.  As a woman embarking on motherhood, I was mothered by Kim. She showed concern for me as a woman first, soon-to-be- mom second, she held my hand in this new phase of life. And for that alone I am grateful.

     She was attentive, patient, descriptive, caring, loving and feisty (she has a fun-loving personality). I enjoyed my appointments because I learned more about my children's progress and we discussed other things such as the healthcare system, music, etc. She encouraged me to make informed decisions about my pregnancies and explained everything.  She kept all my documentation organized, which is important for record keeping.

     She was an integral part of my support system during my labor as I brought my son and daughter, consecutively, into the world. She reminded me that I could birth my babies without fear.

     Although I was disappointed I could not use

her services due to my move during my third pregnancy, she recommended a midwife in my area. I highly recommend her services to any new mom-to-be.   ~ Monica                                                                             Baby Kayode