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About Us ~ Meet the HBMS Staff...

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Kim Lane, CPM, LDEM

HBMS Senior Midwife

Owner/Sole Proprietor


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Midwife's Assistant
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available !

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opening is
available !

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A Thank You Letter from a Lovely Home Birth Family...
"To the 'Indefatigable' Midwives,
Baby 'W' and his parents are grateful for your loving
help as he decided to come out into the world.
He likes the "midwife touch."
Truly, thank you so much for being our
midwives & God bless your future
birthin' more babes."

We Bring the Birth Center to YOU !!©

proudly supports the work & efforts of
the Houston area community of
Women's, Birth, and Holistic Health
Educators & Practitioners.

Learn about the medicinal benefits
of Placentophagy* ... through
Placental Encapsulation

* Placentolphagy is "the ingestion of a human placenta postpartum, at any time, by any person, either in raw or altered (e.g. cooked, dried, steeped in liquid) form."

Encapsulated placenta may help to:
 Increase general energy
 Allow a quicker return to health after birth
 Increase production of breast milk
 Decrease likelihood of baby blues and
    post natal depression
 Decrease likelihood of iron deficiency
 Decrease likelihood of insomnia or sleep
Ask Kim for a referral to a

Kim Lane, CPM, LM
Certified Professional Midwife
Licensed Midwife in Texas
(832) 942-8324



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For information on
"How to be Listed"
Email Kim or call: (832) 942-8324