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Home Birth Midwifery Service

We Bring the Birth Center to YOU!!

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1. I am soft and wide open.


2. I am strong and capable.


3. I am safe; birth is safe.


4. Trust my baby, trust my body, trust birth.


5. I am made for this.


6. My baby is strong, healthy and knows all is well.


7. I am entering the Veil.


8. Inhale peace, exhale tension.


9. Move around!


10. My instincts will guide me through.


11. I am a powerful, loving and creative being.


12. My belly is full of light and love.


13. I have an open heart.


14. My baby feels my joy.


15. I am open to the energy of birth.


16. I am an active and powerful laboring woman.


17. I embrace the wisdom of my body.


18. I am growing and changing.


19. I am ready and willing to release my baby into the world.


20. My baby is coming smoothly from my womb.


21. My breath is easy, deep and full.


22. Each expansion brings my baby closer to me.


23. I can handle whatever comes up.


24. I claim my right for a wonderful birth.


25. I deserve and receive all the love and support I need.


26. I am a wonderful mother.


27. I believe in my strength and ability.


28. My body grew my baby, so my body can birth my baby.


29. I am stronger than my expansions are.


30. I will easily breathe my baby into the world. My baby is the perfect size for me.


31. I am ready to begin my birth journey. I am ready to meet my baby. I am ready to be a mother.


32. My baby knows my heartbeat, my breathing, my voice, the feeling of my love; we are connected.


33. My body is soft and relaxed.


34. I open like a lotus; no pain, just patience and allowing completion.


35. Giving birth can be pleasurable, even orgasmic

Home Birth Midwifery Service
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