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Belly Casting ~ Preserve your "bump" as art
Using our special "no mess, no stress" technique, a belly cast client enjoys a private session of belly casting in her home or in our studio. "No mess" means the process is clean and simple, without petroleum jelly or oils used to gunk-up our client.

"No stress" means our client enjoys a relaxing experience free of the pressure of other special events or having to entertain guests.

Clients are welcome to bring a friend to take photos of her private belly casting session.

Fees depend on the extent of the casting and artwork*:

  • Basic belly only (no breasts), without artwork: $150
  • Basic belly w/ breasts, without artwork: $175
  • Basic full torso (belly, breasts, arms): $200
  • Deluxe* belly only (no breasts), with basic artwork: $225
  • Deluxe* belly w/ breasts, with basic artwork: $250
  • Deluxe* full torso (belly, breasts, arms), with basic artwork: $275
  • Specialized** artwork & unique designs are individually priced, starting at $300 plus s/h

Using our special "no mess, no stress" technique,
Using our special "no mess, no stress" technique, the basic rough cast is completed into
a smooth white cast, finished in matte gesso primer paint, ready to receive artwork.


Deluxe castings starting prices include basic artwork finish in one color:
  • white,
  • black,
  • gold,
  • silver,
  • bronze,
  • copper, or
  • other solid color.
The cast finish is smooth with a matte or glossy (your choice) top coat of polyurethane.

** Specialized artwork & unique design ideas

  • Artwork ideas are out-sourced, either our recommended professional artist, Michelle Ishihara or an artist of the client's choosing;
  • The artist conducts a phone consultation with the client to discuss her ideas and develop a concept;
  • The artist then emails a rendition of the client's idea for the client's consideration and discusses any revisions before finalizing her fee***.
  • The artist's fee and payment arrangements are negotiated and agreed upon solely between the artist and the belly cast client;
  • The belly cast is delivered to the artist for completion of the artwork.
  • The cast is returned to the client via UPS shipping upon completion.
  • *** Shipping costs are included in the artist's fee.

 Let us cast
your belly
& preserve
your bump
as art!
Our preferred artist:
Michelle Ishihara of Apex, North Carolina.

A self-taught, professional
artist, Michelle has been creating wall murals and faux finishes in private homes and in business establishments throughout North Carolina for over a decade. Her artwork is regularly featured in the Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County Parade of Homes. Michelle is well known for her fine artistry, realistic trompe l'oeil, and an amazing attention to detail.
For more info: Contact Michelle Ishihara
Home Birth Midwifery Service
Cell: (832) 942-8324

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