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a.k.a. Genital Mutilation... YES, really!

For centuries, the foreskins of infant boys' penis' has been amputated for various reasons: social, religious, moral, cultural and medical.

Observers of Judaism and Islam believe this practice to be a covenant or symbol of their faith and devotion to their God or Allah. We will not debate the practice of religious circumcision.

In the US and England, circumcision for hygienic reasons and to repress male sexual exploration was the primary reason for this practice in the Victorian era, moving into and beyond the 20th century.

Today, the practice continues, with little effort by the medical community, to offer informed consent & thorough education as to the risks and benefits of this elective, unnecessary procedure.

It is our goal to help you understand this cultural misunderstanding... and WHY a boy today should HAVE an intact penis.


"To make an informed choice, parents of all male infants should be given accurate and unbiased information."
Circumcision Policy Statement
American Academy of Pediatrics
March 1, 1999

it !

Begin with
YOUR child!

 What is Genital Mutilation?
Definition of Genital Mutilation, noun

The cutting or excision of all or some of the

genital organs of either sex; especially ritualistic

clitoridectomy (FGM), male circumcision, and

routine episiotomy during childbirth.

Every YEAR, over 100 baby boys will
in the U.S. from complications of
routine circumcision!

Ask Yourself: Would YOU consider cutting off your baby girl's clitoris & clitoral hood?

Will YOU cut off your baby boy's  foreskin?
Essentially... It is the SAME choice.

If you wouldn't cutHER...
why then, will you cut HIM?
Genital Mutilation IS Genital Mutilation!


Compiled by the Stanford School of Medicine (click it)

Let's begin to De-Bunk our cultural perceptions & myths about
the male penis, health, sexual behavior, etc...

Start by review the following documents, articles, videos, and
move on to explore the many links and references posted here:

Doctors Opposing Circumcision
Watch ALL their VIDEOS !

Full Disclosure: Circumcision Information
for Health Professionals and Parents

International Coalition for Genital Integrity (ICFI)

What is Lost to Circumcision?
by Gary L. Harryman

Circumcision: Medical Organization Official Policy Statements
statements cited @

Routine Procedure or Child Abuse?, Aug 2002

Infant Responses to Circumcision
Circumcision Resource Center

The Effects Circumcision on Breastfeeding
studies cited @

The Medicalization of Circumcision
an online slideshow @

Photo Credit: photostock /

NOTE: Below are video of actual circumcision procedures...

New Research on Circumcision Trauma

David Chamberlain Ph.D. of the Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health and
James W. Prescott, Ph.D. discusses the trauma associated with genital mutilation of infants.

Parents say they think their baby should, "Look like Daddy"
Dr. Spock says, "Leave the Foreskin Alone!!"

Looking like Dad seems to be the most important reason to cut babies in America — but how similar is a tiny, prepubescent penis to Dads, anyway? Toddlers are smart. Try explaining that everyone is unique and body parts all look different.
Tell him that Dad had to have an operation on his penis but now it is okay.
After all, you already have to explain why Mom looks different, don't you?

Circumcision ~ The Whole Story Brochures ~ .pdf files to Download & Print:

Where is My Foreskin?
The Case Against Circumcision

By Paul M. Fleiss, MD
Mothering Magazine, Winter 1997

Paul M. Fleiss, MD, MPH, is assistant clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of  Southern California Medical Center. He is the author of numerous scientific articles

published in leading national and international medical journals.

Linked from:

by Ronald Goldman, Ph.D.

CIRCUMCISION: THE HIDDEN TRAUMA is the first intensive exploration of the unrecognized psychological and social aspects of this increasingly controversial American cultural practice.

The book has been endorsed by dozens of professionals in psychology, psychiatry, child development, pediatrics, obstetrics, childbirth education, sociology, and anthropology.

Without much knowledge, the American public generally assumes that our cultural practice of circumcision is a trivial and benign procedure. As discussed in CIRCUMCISION: THE HIDDEN TRAUMA, plain facts and recent research results conflict with these beliefs and raise questions.

Dr. Goldman's application of psychological and social research coherently explains both the tenacity of the practice and the contradictory information and beliefs about it.

Genital Autonomy Rights
The Right of Every Individual Has the HUMAN RIGHT to Keep the Body that she or he was born with!

Dr. Dean Edell narrates NOCIRC video...
"Circumcision, Make the INFORMED Decision"

Links to Excellent Information on the WWW elsewhere...


The DANGERS of the
Plastibell Circumcision Device

Caution... the photos and descriptions
in this article are GRAPHIC!

Sex as Nature Intended It
Penile Circumcision HARMS Adult Sexuality
This website and eBook are sexually graphic!


"A piece of skin the size of a quarter
contains more than three million cells,
12 feet of nerves,
100 sweat glands,
50 nerve endings,
and almost three feet of blood vessels."

The Human Connection,
by Ashley Montagu and Floyd Matson (McGraw-Hill, 1979)


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