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Fees & Financing Your Care
In these difficult times, with recession, job loss
home foreclosures, no health insurance, and
rising prices, we understand that HOW to
pay for your care is a BIG concern to you.

And, we want to help!


Our Commitment is to work with you...
Our Comprehensive Home Birth Midwifery Care Package is $5,300
Some clients may qualify for a discounted fee.
We ALSO offer our clients:

  • Payment Plans,
  • Barter-for-Service,
  • Paid-in-Full Discount,
  • Late-Entry to Care Discount,
  • Financial Hardship Discount,
  • Student & Military Discounts,
  • Self-Pay (no insurance) Discount,
  • New Client Special $OFF Discount,
  • Sliding Scale for Those who Qualify,
  • Payment Plan Extension Agreement,
  • Pay with Credit Cards with PayPal or Square,
  • Financing is Available with Reliable Financial Institutions.

Need Help Paying for Your Care?

All clients are able to spread out their beginning balance with a payment plan, making an affordable monthly payment. Payment-in-Full is required by 37 weeks pregnant, except for those who qualify for a Payment Plan Extension.

Financing is available for smaller and more affordable payments over a longer period of time. Check with your own bank, credit union, or other financial institutions which may extend small, personal & signature loans.


Isn't technology GREAT ?

Clients have the option to pay all or part of their balance using PayPal.
This credit card payment* option enables clients to make payments
from their home computer, smart phone or with PayPal Here swipe.

* A 3% transaction or "swipe" fee is applied to ALL PayPal payments


HBMS is pleased to
accept your debit
or credit card*
in the office
with Square©.

Square© = A fabulous little invention that allows us to accept your credit or debit card !!
* A 3% transaction or "swipe" fee is applied to ALL Square payments.

New financing options are available to enable even the most financially-challenged clients to come into care and allow for convenient, affordable, monthly payments that fit YOUR budget!

The financial institutions below specialize in helping people finance their care. With a dedicated network of lenders of both secured and unsecured loans, and their experienced agents, these institution are dedicated to finding you the best loan available at some of the most competitive rates.

Now, instead of paying large payments over a short period of time, clients can pay for their midwifery care with smaller payments over a longer period; determining the terms of payment with a professional finance company, who can service your unique financial needs.

Find out more... click their links below...

Check these websites, which offer personal loan financing:



Need more help? Speak with a representative from
your lending institution, bank, or credit union

Are you a member of the military or
family of a military member?

and qualify for a low interest
Credit Card or Personal Loan !

Other Financing Options & Ideas:.

We are a small business, with related overhead & expenses. We, offer payment plans but can not self-finance our clients' care fees. Clients are expected to arrange for a way to pay their midwifery fee no differently than planning for other significant purchases (home, car, business venture, etc.)
For those who need more help, we encourage you to talk with your family (the baby's Grand Parents on both sides) and seek their financial help. Family loans are often the best and most affordable way to secure the funds you need to pay for your midwifery care.
No family loans available? Are you seeking other financing?
You should ask your bank or financial institution about a small, signature/personal loan.
Many banks & credit unions are able to approve small signature loans for customers.

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