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About Us ~ 

HBMS 'Her'Story Continues in Texas !


Relocating from Memphis, TN to Midothian, VA to Charlottesville, VA,
and then a "Faerie Grandmother journey" to Lehi, UT
to catch my granddaughter, and NOW...
relocated to the "Lone Star State" to work
at the West Houston Birth Center !!

Our 'Her'Story (rather than 'history') includes caring for hundreds of mothers and babies, serving the holistic health needs of families and individuals, and supporting women's
right to give birth where and with whom they choose.

Our sundry midwives, both past and present, have been instrumental
in the legislative and regulatory processes significant to the
autonomous practice of midwifery in the states of
Tennessee, Virginia, Utah and now, Texas.

Kim will offer both home and birth center births to
holistically-minded women and their families.

Contact Kim for more details about

Home Birth Midwifery Service 'Her'story


In 1979, Margery McSweeney,

a labor and delivery Registered Nurse at the 'Med,' (the Regional Medical Center) sought to make giving birth more meaningful for the women in her care, seeking to make their labors and births more personalized for them, their partners, and their babies.


'Breaking the rules,'Margery began to help hospital patients to give birth "when the time came" instead of waiting for the doctor to arrive! She encouraged women to go ahead and gently push, rather than panting or closing their legs, a common practice

to force women to "wait" for the doctor. Many a hospital-born baby was "caught" in this loving way by this nurse-turned-midwife, instead of "being delivered."


Witnessing how much more positive, lovely and less "medicalized" these births were, and despite being reprimanded, written-up and suspended; this strong, determined woman joined forces with traditional midwife, Lois VanTol; together they were "with woman" by attending home births, "catching babies" ... and Home Birth Midwifery Service was born!




Time passed... and things, as they always do, changed... Lois went on to become a doctor, while "Margie" (as she is known to her family and friends) continued her path as a Midwife, Reiki Master & Healing Touch Practitioner. As the Senior Midwife & owner of HBMS, Margie worked with various partners and trained several apprentices: Martha McBride, Martina Benson, and Kim Lane to name

a few. While working together with Margie, Kim asked her first apprentice, Amy Stewart-Banbury, to join the practice.

Margie was involved with local, state & national midwifery organizations and was instrumental in the early days of the TN Midwives Association, helping to establish a verifiable certification process for Tennessee Direct Entry Midwives, accomplishing a level of credibility. In 1997, she pursued the NARM CPM before TN legislators enacted the TN Midwifery Practice Act
requiring it.

After 20 years of dedicated service to the Memphis home birthing community as its 'most beloved midwife,' Margie left Memphis in 1999, moving to Boulder, CO to pursue new endeavors. She is a Registered Midwife

at Meadowsweet Midwifery

During this transition, former 

HBMS partner, Martina Benson, re-joined the practice as co-partner with Kim, and the two CPM's continued the HBMS tradition in Memphis.

In 2000, Kim & Martina moved into a spacious and attractive suite of rooms at First Congregational Church in the Cooper Young district of mid-town, welcomed as their very first, "Shared Space Partner."

Two new apprentices: Melissa Stallings and Deanna Shelton, joined the midwives to learn from and assist them in the long- held tradition of hands-on, clinical training. In 2004, new CPM, Amy, left the HBMS "nest" pursuing her own midwifery practice, Trillium WomanCareThen, Martina returned to her native Germany to pursue a nursing degree, and Deanna left to advance her nursing career. Kim & Melissa stayed the course, continuing the work of home birth in their mid-south community. 

On July 15, 2005, Melissa "caught" her first baby, Miss Elyse "LuLu" Jackson, whose mother Corinne, in June of 2006, was invited to join the HBMS staff as Kim's #2 Apprentice. A year later, Corinne resigned her position as an apprenticeship, pursuing a college degree and later opening her own retail store in Oxford, MS.

continued above...

HBMS 'Her'story continues...

2007 brought wonderful and dramatic birth experiences for Melissa and Kim.

The dedicated duo continued the work of being "with woman" into 2008. As the heat of June edged its way into July, Kim made the difficult yet personally exciting decision to move HBMSto Midlothian (Richmond), VA. Announcing her pending relocation to the Richmond birth community, Kim's email, "lit up like the
Fourth of July!" WHEW!! Thus HBMSmoved to Richmond, VA in September 2008! 

Having completed her midwifery training just b
efore Kim moved, Melissais noCertified Professional Midwife. Melissa moved to Colorado and is a Registered Midwife. Her practice is Meadowsweet Midwifery and having come full circle, Melissa is working with her first midwife, Kim's mentor, Margie!

In Virginia, Kim put together a lovely office space, took on a few apprentices, conducted several Hands-on Midwifery Skills Practicums and became actively involved with the Commonwealth Midwives Alliance.

While practicing in greater Richmond, Kim mentored Glenda Turner through her CPM credential, witnessing her open her own midwifery practice called, With Woman Midwifery Care, LLC

After Glenda, Kim took on a new apprentice, Ashley Larsen and the two enjoyed working together through the summer of 2012, when Kim took on a new chapter in her midwifery career as a midwife with The Birth Centre of Charlottesville! She enjoyed serving the very diverse population of lovely families in the incredibly scenic and historic city of Charlottesville... but then...

In Autumn of 2014, Kim's daughter, Sarah, announced her first pregnancy, causing a loud round of "Hurray's" from all her family, and most especially, her mother! 

Kim made the hard decision to relocate to Lehi, UT to be with and care for Sarah and actively participate in what she calls,
"Faerie Grandmahood."

Kim's first grand baby, Eleanor Sariah was caught at home one early morning in May 2015, blessing her mother, Sarah, and grandmother, Kim, with the ultimate in mother-daughter bonding experiences.

In October 2015, Holly Shearman, a friend and midwifery colleague who Kim met in VA, offered Kim a position at her birth center in Houston, TX. With persistence & passion for midwifery service, Kim agreed!

.And... the HBMS 'Her'story continues
in Houston, TX...

 Kim Lane, CPM, LM

(832) 942-8324