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Normal Birth

Birth is a normal, bodily function. Birth is a normal, physiologic process. No different as the heart beating or intestines digesting, the uterus contracts. The uterus gives birth. Giving birth is the womb's physiologic function and organic, biologic purpose.

Likened to the pain of a good, hard workout and to the glorious, intensity of wonderful love making, giving birth is true work! It is painful, intense, overwhelming, wonderful, pleasurable, satisfying, and glorious! Giving birth a transcending experience for all women, either to her empowerment or to her discouragement.


Women giving birth in their own chosen position, with their chosen attendant, surrounded by supportive loved ones, are empowered and strengthened. Studies show that these women are better, more nurturing mothers. They report that they are more satisfied, more confident, and are better advocates for themselves and their families.

Women learn to trust their innate ability to give birth, to discover their intuition and to dispel the myths and fears too often associated with pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. This right of passage walks one through the joys of creating, the shadows of doubt, the expectation of the known as well as the unknown, and the faith in accepting and surrendering to birth in the way nature intended.

Women's bodies were created in perfect design; to carry, birth, and nourish new life into this world. The knowledge of how to do this is embedded into the heart and soul of every woman. It is there she fill find her strength.

Read these Articles, Papers, Reports and Studies on Normal Birth...

Normal Birth: Do We Believe? Can We Remember?
     by Valerie El Halta, CPM

The Six Care Practices that Support Normal Birth     by Lamaze International

Honoring Body Wisdom     by Pamela Hines-Powell

Middle Class Beliefs: How They Define Normal Birth     by Connee L. Pike-Urlacher, MS

The "Rule of 10" Versus Women's Primal Wisdom    
by Lydi Owen

The Assault on Normal Birth: The OB Disinformation Campaign     by Henci Goer

The Ties That Bind: How Belief Creates Birth Realities     by Kim Wildner

Normal Birth Is Best for Mothers and Babies     by Black Hills Women's News

Basically, with a normal birth experienced care provider you can expect that:


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