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 Nutrition & Fitness

Good nutrition, proper hydration, stress reduction, and as necessary, holistic supplementation, are the foundation of a healthy pregnancy.

The Midwives Model of Care promotes a healthy mother and baby through quality nutrition and wellness counseling

We encourage pregnant & nursing women to eat a whole-food, omnivorous diet and we endorse the teachings of Dr. Tom Brewer (The Brewer Diet) who taught that a diet, high in protein and containing an adequate caloric intake, provides the best foundation for a healthy pregnancy and reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia and other malnutrition-related complications.

Pregnancy Nutrition & Healthy Eating Documents

Download these helpful documents to use for your nutrition during and after pregnancy.
Eat a well-rounded, whole-food diet, and avoid high-fat, empty-calorie foods.
Physical fitness during pregnancy...

helps prepare the mother for the rigors of labor and
birth,  reduces the aches & pains of pregnancy, enables her to manage daily stress, lifts & supports her self-esteem, and balances brain and metabolic chemistry. All of this means that expectant mothers who exercise regularly are better prepared, physically and emotionally for giving birth and for nuturing a child. They have less depression and fewer medical problems. They see themselves in a more positive light and view their maternal role in a more satisfying perspective.
Pregnancy Exercise, Stretching & Yoga Documents

Download these helpful documents to use for your health & fitness before, during and after pregnancy. Remember to start slowly, perform movements with care, and listen
to your body's cues &
messages about what is enough or "too much".

Regular stretching and exercise improves your health, prepares you for the rigors of labor, sustains a positive body image, and maintains good mental health.

Download this helpful document to use for reducing stress during and after pregnancy.
The Midwives of the Home Birth Midwifery Service advocate for the health & wellness of our clients through excellent nutrition, regular exercise & stress reduction. Our clients are given a vast array of wellness resources and guidance throughout their pregnancy. We encourage our clients to stay fit, to eat right, to hydrate often and to seek out the many wellness and holistic options that are available in our community.

Home Birth Midwifery Service
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