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We Bring the Birth Center to YOU!!

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 We Bring the Birth Center to YOU!!©

Giving birth WHERE and WITH WHOM you chose
is not only your choice ... it is your RIGHT!
Your baby has the RIGHT to be safely,
gently and lovingly borne.

Pregnancy, childbirth & breastfeeding are normal, natural

states of body, mind and spirit for the healthy mother.

The procreative and nurturing act of becoming a mother

is a central and life-changing event in the life of a woman.

The Midwife honors this event with humble respect.


The Midwife offers assistance and guidance throughout the
childbearing years as a counselor, birth attendant, and friend.
She is a skilled specialist in attending normal births, giving care
and advice to the mother in pregnancy, labor and childbirth,
and care for the mother and newborn following delivery.

She is co-responsible, with the parents, for safe-guarding

the course of events and, to the best of her ability and

skills, ensures safe passage for both mother & baby.

A Midwife is able to detect abnormalities in mother or child

referring to & obtaining medical aid, while providing

quick and appropriate care to mother, child or both.

She is trained in emergency health care management

and in life-saving skills and techniques; and she

shall utilize such measures when necessary.

She maintains a respect for the integrity of the birthing family

and the naturally, bestowed ability of a woman to give birth.
Out of respect for the birthing process, the Midwife believes that

unnecessary interference is an unwise interruption of the

body’s function and seeks to avoid disruption and intentional

manipulation of this normal, bodily process.


The Midwife carefully watches and guides, assisting the family in

the way that is of their choosing, respecting the sacredness of

the family, their personal choices, their spiritual beliefs,
their privacy & their unique birthing right of passage.


The pregnant form is a work of supreme art.

Rounded, curvaceous and voluptuous in its fullness...

Beautiful, lovely, and delightfully abundant.

Midwives honor the Goddess of Life in all women,

the spiritual, intertwined with the physical.

The midwives of Home Birth Midwifery Service honor, respect
and humbly practice the ancient art of Midwifery...
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HBMS means... 
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Home Birth
Midwifery Service

Kim Lane, CPM, LM
(832) 942-8324

Simply Sacred...

Simply Beautiful...