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Home Birth Midwifery Service

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Services ~ Comprehensive Woman Care
The midwives & apprentices of Home Birth Midwifery Service attend home births for clients of the throughout the greater-Houston area, Harris County & surrounding communities.
Home births are offered to clients within a 45 minute radius of the
West Houston Birth Center, located at 11321 Richmond Ave, Ste M101, Houston, TX.


Comprehensive Maternity Care Includes:

  • Initial Consultation in your home or mutually agreed upon setting,
  • 24 Hours / 7 days On-Call availability;
  • Comprehensive Prenatal Care 
  • Labor & Birth attendance;
  • Water Birth
  • VBAC ~ Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. Primary VBAC clients are carefully screened by receiving & reviewing previous maternity and surgical records (to ensure a transverse incision and double-layer closure) and by verifying placental site location via ultrasound (where the placenta is located);
  • 6 weeks of Comprehensive Maternal Postpartum Care;
  • 6 weeks of Newborn Care;
  • Birth Certificate, Paternity Papers, & SSN filing,
  • Breastfeeding Assistance & Consultation.

Other Midwifery Model Services Include:
  • Well Woman Care (pap smears, breast exams, nutritional counseling)
  • Well Baby Care (healthy growth & development monitoring beyond 6 weeks of age)
  • Holistic Health, Herbal/Homeopathy Consultation
  • Holistic Fertility & Menopause Counseling
  • Blessingway Celebrations(honoring the Birth Mother)
  • ‘First Moon’ Celebrations(honoring a Girl’s “First Cycle”)
  • ‘Red Tent Celebrations’ (honoring women of all ages, in a circle of sisters)
  • Belly Casting with our special "no mess, no stress" techniques
  • Maternity Energy Work(massage, reiki, relaxation, visualization, aches & pain relief)
  • Midwifery Apprenticeship Training & Workshops
  • Midwifery Lectures & Speaking Engagements

Pregnancy/Home Birth Care Package Includes:


  • ALL prenatal visits (once/month to 28 wks, twice/month from 28 to 36 wks, and weekly from 36 wks to delivery)
  • Routine Lab Work (non-routine and problem work-up lab tests are NOT included in the fee)
  • Newborn Testing: [Metabolic/Genetic Screening, Critical Congenital Heart Defect Screening (CCHD)]
  • Nutrition, Wellness & Fitness Counseling
  • Family & Sibling Preparation
  • Prenatal Home Visits, as needed/when indicated
  • Continuous Labor/Birth Care with our Midwifery Team
  • Dad/Partner can "catch!" (if so desired)
  • Water Birth(Pool& supplies are NOT included, Rent from me or purchase HERE)
  • Immediate Postpartum Follow-up including:
      • New Mother & Newborn Exam
      • Complete Clean-up
      • Starting of Birth Laundry
      • Meal Preparation for Mom
  • Birth Certificate, Paternity Papers, and SSN filing
  • 6 weeks of Postpartum care (visits at 2, 4 & 6 weeks)
  • 6 weeks of Newborn care (visits at 2, 4 & 6 weeks)
  • Breastfeeding Consultation,
  • Family Planning Counseling... etc, etc...


Extra services/supply costs are NOT included: 
  • Diagnostic Testing & Ultrasounds (necessary tests and their costs are determined on an individual basis)
  • Collaborating Physician Visit(s) 
  • Newborn Hearing Screening
  • Home Birth Kit(about $28)or Home WaterBirth Kit(includes Birth Kit, Birth Pool & pool supplies: about $115)
  • Additional Household & Medical Supplies
  • Insurance Filing Administration Fee ($200 or 8% of your total reimbursement, whichever is greater.)
  • Water Birth Supplies (See the Water Birth Page for details & info!!)
  • Transport/Transfer of Care fees: physician, hospital, anesthesia, lab fees, transportation, etc..


Financial Matters:  

Financing ideas are available,

see Financing Your Care.

Cash, Postal Money Orders & Checks gladly accepted.

Credit Cards accepted via PayPal & Square!


Financial Hardship & Military Discounts are available to those who qualify.


Payment plans available & encouraged for those in need.


WANT TO KNOW MORE??? Schedule a Consult Appointment:
Call to schedule a Consult, at which we can discuss our services,  fees, discounts, payment plans, insurance and all other matters regarding & needs.
We are pleased to visit with prospective clients at the birth center and offer you at tour of the facility. This will help you better plan for the right place for you to give birth to your baby.


Home Birth Midwifery Service

Kim Lane, CPM, LM

Certified Professional Midwife
Licensed Midwife, Texas

Practice Line: (832) 942-8324



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Kim Lane, CPM, LM
Certified Professional Midwife
Licensed Midwife in Texas
(832) 942-8324