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The Blessingway Celebration

Celebrating the Passage into Motherhood

Babies are precious. So are their mothers. Whether you are looking for an alternative to baby showers or want to do something extra for the expectant mother, consider planning a Blessingway.

A Blessingway is the perfect way to bring family and friends together to honor the mother and celebrate her passage into motherhood, as well as provide her with support and guidance.

HBMS offers to coordinate Blessingway Celebrations for our clients as well as for the public. If you are a client, family member, or friend and want to learn more about our Blessingway Celebration services, please Contact Kim.

What is a Blessingway?

Blessingways are traditionally Native American ceremonies during which preparation is made for an upcoming major life event. For pregnancies, the focus is put on the "mother-to-be" rather than the baby on the way. The birth of a baby truly is a miracle and definitely a reason to celebrate. But often times, the importance of the process itself is overlooked.

The profound right of passage...

During a Blessingway, games aren't played and there is no gift-giving for the baby. Rather, the focus is placed on the mother so that she is surrounded with support and encouragement from her family and friends, as she prepares herself for the huge transition into her own motherhood. Often times, hand-made gifts and poems are given to the expectant mother. Belly casting, henna belly paint, hair wreaths or other embellishments, and other such ornamentation are often included in the ceremony.

When to celebrate a Blessingway...

The Blessingway should be planned as a completely separate event from other more traditional baby and birth mother gatherings. The Blessingway is a more spiritual and sacred experience for the mother-to-be, and can be especially emotional. Therefore, care should be given when planning her special celebration, so that she can truly savor the day, be mindful of her calendar and commitments.

Blessingway activities...

The activities you choose to have during the Blessingway really depends on what the mother-to-be would like to do. From sage burning to bless the home to giving foot baths, a Blessingway truly can be personalized to cater to the mother-to-be. Rather than bringing a gift for the baby, ask your guests to bring handmade or sentimental gifts or write poetry for the expectant mother.

Remember, there's no pink and blue booties to get, as the Blessingway's purpose is to focus on the
Mother-to-Be, also known as the 'Mother of Honor'.

Circle of Mothers & Children ~ Candle Lighting Ceremony

All the women gather, hand-in-hand, forming a circle and sit on the floor. In the center, a gathering of unlit candles encircles a single, lit candle. The hostess, taking the candle directly in front of her, lights it from the center candle and pronounces, "I am (says her name), daughter of (says her mother's name) and mother
of (says her childrens' names); she directs the next woman in the circle to take the candle in front of her and proceed in the same fashion, lighting her candle from the previous woman's candle.

The circle ends with the Mother of Honor lighting her own candle.

The Blessings Necklace.

Two different sets of beautifully colored beads are purchased. Each set should have enough beads for each guest to get one of each. At the beginning of the Blessingway, ask your guests to write down on a piece of paper one blessing for the mother and one blessing for her baby. Using a length of cord, long enough to fit all beads from all the guests, pass it from one guest to another. Each guest should slip on the blessing beads for the mother and the baby, verbally giving her blessings for each of them. Once everyone has put their beads on the cord, tie it into a necklace and present it to the Mother of Honor. Put all the pieces of paper with the written blessings into a journal or scrapbook with them for the mother to look through later.

The mother can wear, carry, or focus on her Blessing Necklace during her

baby's birth. This special keepsake can be passed on to that child later in life.

At the end of the Blessingway, present your guests with a small gift that makes a lasting memory of the beautiful occasion. Candles and soaps make wonderful mementos for the guests to take home. Ask them to light the candle every night until the baby is born.

Be creative. Present them with favor boxes and ask them to place a marble or bead in the box every day until the baby is born. Have them decorate the box with ribbons or words of support and present to the new mother and baby. Find ways for everyone to be involved in the process so as to show their love and support for the mother-to-be during her pregnancy and birthing.


Do you want help planning a Blessingway?

Contact Kim for more information.

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For more information on Blessingway Celebrations,

look for these Blessingway Ceremony books...


Mother Rising
by Yana Cortlund, Barb Lucke,
and Donna Miller Watelet

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by Shari Maser

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