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VBAC ~ Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
What is a VBAC ?


A Vaginal Birth After Cesarean is exactly what it refers to... giving birth via the normal, natural route through the vagina, after previously having one or more cesarean sections.
I had a previous C-section, is a home birth an option for me next time I am pregnant?
There are specific considerations that each, individual woman and her midwife must discuss, but in most situations, having had a previous cesarean does NOT "risk-out" women from considering
                                             having a home birth, aka:

HBAC ~ Home Birth After Cesarean

HBMS provides HBAC to select clients after a thorough interview and review
of a client's previous cesarean operative report(s) and current ultrsound.


Introducing the newest acronym regarding VBAC...



WBAC ~ Water Birth After Cesarean


Water is by far the safest place to have a VBAC, barring complications...


The support of the water allows for 3 key safety supports for VBAC/;

  1.  the woman can tune in to what her body is telling her about her uterine scar;
  2. the woman needs no other pain relief that would obscure her own ability to tell if her uterus is rupturing.  Not having an epidural means she won't need dangerous augmentation medications;
  3. water can slow down the action of the uterus allowing a gentler progression of the birth process.

I have heard a lot of "talk" about the risk of uterine rupture during labor after a previous cesarean. Where can I learn more about the FACTS?

... A GREAT Consumer Website ...
Learn the latest research, news and
information to help you make the
best, informed choice for yourself.

Learn more about VBAC...


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