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In December 2016, Kim accepted a position as staff midwife
with the West Houston Birth Center.
Call today to schedule a free consult & tour.
(281) 670-5108

Kim is excited about this opportunity to offer
home & birth center services to
the greater Houston area.

Be sure to ask Kim about the details!

Home Birth Midwifery Service
Cell: (832) 942-8324
Contact Kim

Kim is in the NEWS!!

Chesterfield Observer reporter, Katherine Houstoun
writes about the various birthing options for the
women of Chesterfield County.

Kim with client Stephanie Mazzella and her baby girl,
Rowan, are featured in the photo. is a new pregnancy resource for you!

NaturallyBorn is about you: your pregnancy, your child, your choices.

If you're considering natural childbirth or breastfeeding, join us.

You'll find hype-free information, real answers &

childbirth experts to help design your ideal birth plan.

.Kim is a founding member & expert for NaturallyBorn!

Check out her page & look for her contributions.

Check out Kim's Blog~Inside the Midwife's Bag

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Contact Us for more help when looking for evidence-based information, research, etc, etc...

Learn everything you can about
pregnancy, home & water birth, about midwifery & the medical models of care.

Read, ask questions, engage
in discussion & debate.
Speak up for what you believe
and what you want.

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My Blog: Inside the
Midwife's Bag

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Understanding Birth Better
Home Birth and Home Birth Safety Research

We undertake original research on

home birth & home birth safety.


We locate, evaluate and synthesize epidemiologic research evidence from the scientific medical literature to better understand the risks and benefits of a low-intervention approach to birth, as provided primarily by midwives to low-risk pregnant women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


We produce evidence regarding the safety of home birth and make it available for the benefit of mothers, midwives, legislators and other groups.

The Cochrane Collaboration

We are world leaders in evidence-based health care

The Cochrane Collaboration is an international, independent, not-for-profit organization of over 28,000 contributors from more than 100 countries, dedicated to making up-to-date, accurate information about the effects of health care readily available worldwide.


Our contributors work together to produce systematic reviews of healthcare interventions, known as Cochrane Reviews, which are published online in The Cochrane Library. Cochrane Reviews are intended to help providers, practitioners and patients make informed decisions about health care, and are the most comprehensive, reliable and relevant source of evidence on which to base these decisions.

The Campbell Collaboration

Our Mission
The Campbell Collaboration (C2) helps people make well-informed decisions by preparing, maintaining and disseminating systematic reviews in education, crime and justice, and social welfare.

Who are We?
The Campbell Collaboration is an international research network that produces systematic reviews of the effects of social interventions. Campbell is based on voluntary cooperation among researchers of a variety of backgrounds.

The Midwives Alliance Division of Research (DOR)

The mission of the Midwives Alliance Division of Research(DOR) is to increase the capacity for, and dissemination of, rigorous research and innovation in maternal-infant health and midwifery care.

Strategic Priorities (2010-2013)

1.) Enable transformative research that supports and improves midwifery care.
  • The DOR maintains high-quality data that is unique and describes midwifery care and outcomes of birth that is planned to occur at home and in birth centers.
  • The DOR facilitates rigorous scientific research using this data; we do not conduct research on our own database.

2.) Increase the research fluency of midwives.

  • The DOR helps midwives to translate research and integrate it appropriately to improve their own practice.
  • The DOR helps midwives to see and analyze their own data so that they can continually evaluate and improve their practice.
Childbirth Connection

Childbirth Connection is a national not-for-profit organization founded in 1918 as Maternity Center Association. Our mission is to improve the quality of maternity care through research, education, advocacy and policy.

Childbirth Connection promotes safe, effective and satisfying evidence-based maternity care and is a voice for the needs and interests of childbearing families.

The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS)
Making Mother-Friendly Care a Reality

The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) is a coalition of individuals and national organizations with concern for the care and well-being of mothers, babies, and families. Our mission is to promote a wellness model of maternity care that will improve birth outcomes and substantially reduce costs. This evidence-based mother-, baby-, and family-friendly model focuses on prevention and wellness as the alternatives to high-cost screening, diagnosis, and treatment programs.

The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood is a grassroots movement that builds alliances, strengthens capacity, influences policies, harnesses resources and inspires action to save the lives of women and newborns around the world.

The White Ribbon Alliance is working to create a world where:

  • It is a woman's* basic human right to achieve optimal health care throughout pregnancy and childbirth for herself and her newborns.
  • Women are empowered to demand quality, safe and respectful motherhood services and to help other women to do the same.
  • Women and newborns have access to essential and life-saving motherhood services and information.
  • Women and men come together as active members in the safe motherhood movement, with the knowledge to make decisions that promote safe motherhood within their own families and communities.
  • Communities work together to address the effects of poverty, HIV/AIDS, armed conflict, violence against women and children, and gender inequities on safe motherhood.
  • Governments set policies in collaboration with women, their communities and other stakeholders to implement programs in support of safe motherhood.

 *This includes all women of childbearing age.

The State of World's Midwifery 2011: Delivering Health, Saving Lives

Increasing women's access to quality midwifery has become a focus of global efforts to realize the right of every woman to the best possible health care during pregnancy and childbirth.

The State of World's Midwifery 2011: Delivering Health, Saving Lives, supported by 30 partners, provides the first comprehensive analysis of midwifery services and issues in countries where the needs are greatest.